With elements dating from the 12th Century and a mention in the Domesday book, the church at Harworth has been part of the local landscape for the best part of a millennium. Although many aspects have been rebuilt, elements of the Norman chancel remain, as does the medieval tower which Kirk and Bills recently helped to re-roof.

In the years since the roof was last repaired, water had seeped in and rotted the wooden wall plates. Where possible, we strove to keep the original timbers and maintain the heritage of the structure. And where we had no choice but to remove the plates, we replaced them using the same oak timber.

Using stainless steel perimeter strapping manufactured to fit this unique structure at our off-site workshop, we secured the wall plates before laying the overboard. After this, the roof was ready to be leaded and sealed against the elements.

We also had to adjust the height of the roof and increase gutter depths to meet new heritage guidelines. Installing and adjusting these new outlets was the final touch needed to make sure the roof and the tower continue to stand the test of time.